The Versatility of Slate…for those with an artist’s imagination and heart for beautiful handcrafted artwork

Posted by Karen Brown on

Throughout history true artisans have hand-crafted beautiful sculptures and works of art using slate, a "soft” stone with a uniform composition and unique markings that appeal to distinguishing eyes.  

Here at Harpswell House we recognize the versatility of this workable stone. As a leading manufacturer of custom slate pieces for over 60 years, we pride ourselves on imagination, creativity and craftsmanship, providing stunning slate pieces to our customers.

Here are some examples of the impressive versatility slate has lent itself to in the past:

From life size sculptures like Stephen Kettle's depiction of Alan Turing,  

to garden art like James Parker's giant Apple,

or lawn art like Richard Long's Midsummer Circles, slate can be worked to bring peoples' imagination to life.

While Harpswell House typically makes beautiful smaller scale slate products and gifts such as tabletop fountains, interior sculptures, wall hangings and other home accessories, we can certainly collaborate to create grander pieces you envision.