National Wedding Planning Month! You Are Not Alone, Let Us Help!

Posted by Karen Brown on

 Harpswell House has a wedding collection full of things to help make your day more memorable.  As well as 15 other collections of great ideas!   


From personalized solar lights for table lighting at the event, then years of celebration lighting on your deck at home, to any of the other many beautiful offerings to help make your special day uniquely personal and memorable for you and your guests.

A bridal shower will be at the top of your planning list. Consider the following items to enhance the celebratory vibe in the room.



Table center pieces such as:  Personalized Vases, Napkin Holders, Candle Sconces, Inscribed Coasters, Trivets etc.     


Of course, the rehearsal dinner is an evening to thank people who’ve helped you along your path to bliss. Here are some great gift ideas to showcase your love and appreciation:



Personalized Wall Plaques, Key Holder Plaques, Hanging Plant Holders, Zen Garden Boxes, Wall/ Desk Clocks, Inscribed Pencil Cups, Themed Magnets etc.



                                     The possibilities are as big as your imagination!

For your ceremony and reception, here are some products you might consider to enhance the elegance of the venue:

Solar lights (to brighten walkways), Mini Chalkboards (to label buffet items or welcome guests), Wall or Table Plaques (with sentimental sayings), Cheese Trays (to add serving sophistication), Mini Picture Frames (to spark fond memories)


Harpswell House is here to help make your momentous day the best it can be. Please check out all our fabulous options to make your planning go without a hitch as you prepare to get hitched.

Bonus: If you need to purchase a special gift for others who are getting married too, our wedding gift ideas are simply endless. Check out all of our products at Harpswell House .com

                                                    Cheers to wedding planning 2023!