Slate Bird Feeder

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Want to keep your bird watching going? Hang one of our feeders in your yard and keep the birds happy all winter. Made to look beautiful, stand up to the weather and last for many seasons. Easy to clean and refill, the roof overhang protects the food and the birds. Easily fits small and medium birds and holds enough food for several days.

Handmade at our shop in Maine and tested with Maine birds and weather.

Can be personalized for a unique look or special gift

Finishes include:  sealed black slate, wooden end panels sealed clear or painted to match your woodwork.

  • Approximately 11" wide x 8.5" sloping down to 6" tall x 7" deep
  • Attractive, unique, durable, will last for many years
  • Weighs about 7 pounds empty
  • Can be hung against a wall or from a pole
  • Fill plug is in the plastic back
  • Plexi-glass front for easy tracking of food level