Plant Hanger

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Indoor Material: Black or Green Slate

Want to add a bit of greenery to your space?  We have just the thing – a beautiful black or green slate Hanging Planter. Add your philodendron or other greenery, hang or place where you will see it and enjoy a moment of respite every time you look at it.

Made with the same care as all our products, the planter will give you years of enjoyment. The clean, classic look will help you bring a bit of your favorite garden to your office, den, living room or any other space that could use some natural beauty.

  • Fits a 4" round or square plant pot (plant and pot not included)
  • Bottom section is deep enough to plant using dirt instead of a pot if preferred
  • Includes rawhide for hanging
  • No drainage holes
  • Wipe clean with damp cloth and dry thoroughly
  • Indoor use recommended. May use seasonally outdoors.
  • Handmade in Maine

Approx. size: 10” x 4.5”