Big Kennebago Clock

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These charming hexagonal clocks are named after the Big Kennebago and Little Kennebago Lakes located just this side of the Canadian border in western Maine.  The black Big Kennebago clock creates a unique look for your home or office.  With its rippled texture and rich dark color, this clock is certain to catch your eye and help you get wherever you need to go on time. 

If the textured surface of the black slate doesn’t fit your style, the hand-polished satiny smooth finish of the green slate that showcases its distinctive markings will look stunning in your space.


  • Black Natural Cleft Slate
  • Green Honed Slate


  • Wall
  • Oak stand
  • Mahogany stand

Approx. size 8" x 8"

Have a smaller space? Try the Little Kennebago.

Prefer one with numbers or hash marks? Contact us for customization options.